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Whether you're looking for Basic or Advanced handgun training, we can help you.

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We pride ourselves of our personalized service. Our owner has over 40 years of experience teaching the proper use of firearms to beginners & advanced shooters.

All of our Shooting classes are private or semi-private & are taught by the best suited instructor.

Personalized Service

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Basic - Advanced Shooting Classes.

 License to Carry Classes.

The Laws require a gun owner to keep them safely away from children & unauthorized persons.

Experience teaches us that "Gun-proofing" a child is a much better approach. A Gun Safety Class is one of the best presents that we can give our young ones.

Guns & Children

A family- owned and operated business, D Gun Range has been providing Handgun training for Law Enforcement as well as civilians since 1990.

We are proud to offer a family oriented atmosphere. The need to learn & practice proper firearms handling & use is race, gender & age neutral.