Indoor Handgun Shooting Range & Shooting School

6:30 Pm to 9:00 PM

6:30 Pm to 9:00 PM


USPSA Affiliated Club

Competitive Shooting


Our priorities are: Be Safe, Have Fun, then worry about your score.

  • You may use any handgun 9mm or above.
  • No special equipment is needed to get started, but you should enough magazines or speed loaders for about 25 rds.
  • We shoot plate racks, Texas Star, large & small poppers and paper targets.
  • Shooting is done from doors, windows, barricades and out in the open.


Competitive Shooting


Our Club has around 12 to 15 shooters per match.

  • Most of our shooters use an AR-15 with a 22 LR conversion for safety & cost.
  • We run Practical & Tactical shooting stages.
  • All shooters are briefed on the IPSC safety rules that the club has adopted.
  • Ladies are welcome with the condition that they do not outshoot the men by TOO MUCH.
  • All ages are welcome. Minors must be accompanied by a Legal Guardian.
  • All skill level shooters are welcomed. We only require that they be safety minded and willing to improve. 



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